BMVC 2019 is organised by members of the Visual Computing research group (School of Computer Science and Informatics) and the Sensors, Signals and Imaging research group (School of Engineering), Cardiff University.

The BMVC 2019 organisers may be contacted through: If you wish to contact the chairs (and only the chairs) directly, please use

David Marshall

Programme chair

Majid Mirmehdi

Programme chair

Xianghua Xie

Programme chair

Bernie Tiddeman

Programme Chair

Joseph Redfern

Publicity Chair

Tom Hartley

Local Arrangements

David Humphreys

Video Chair

Paul Rosin

Tutorial Chair

Ze Ji

Sponsorship Chair

Yukun Lai

Poster chair

Padraig Corcoran

Workshop Chair

Daniel Gallichan

Workshop Chair

Jing Wu

Workshop Chair

Hantao Liu

Exhibition Chair