Semi-supervised Feature-Level Attribute Manipulation for Fashion Image Retrieval

Minchul Shin (Search Solutions Inc.), Sanghyuk Park (NAVER Clova Vision), Taeksoo Kim (Naver Corporation)

With a growing demand for the search by image, many works have studied the task of fashion instance-level image retrieval (FIR). Furthermore, the recent works introduce a concept of fashion attribute manipulation (FAM) which manipulates a specific attribute (e.g color) of a fashion item while maintaining the rest of the attributes (e.g shape, and pattern). In this way, users can search not only ``the same'' items but also ``similar'' items with the desired attributes. FAM is a challenging task in that the attributes are hard to define, and the unique characteristics of a query are hard to be preserved. Although both FIR and FAM are important in real-life applications, most of the previous studies have focused on only one of these problem. In this study, we aim to achieve competitive performance on both FIR and FAM. To do so, we propose a novel method that converts a query into a representation with the desired attributes. We introduce a new idea of attribute manipulation at the feature level, by matching the distribution of manipulated features with real features. In this fashion, the attribute manipulation can be done independently from learning a representation from the image. By introducing the feature-level attribute manipulation, the previous methods for FIR can perform attribute manipulation without sacrificing their retrieval performance.


Paper (PDF)

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