Abstract: Deep learning system have drawback that their output is not accompanied with ex-planation. In a domain such as forensic handwriting verification it is essential to provideexplanation to jurors. The goal of handwriting verification is to find a measure of confi-dence whether the given handwritten samples are written by the same or different writer.We propose a method to generate explanations for the confidence provided by convolu-tional neural network (CNN) which maps the input image to 15 annotations (features)provided by experts. Our system comprises of: (1) Feature learning network (FLN),a differentiable system, (2) Inference module for providing explanations. Furthermore,inference module provides two types of explanations: (a) Based on cosine similaritybetween categorical probabilities of each feature, (b) Based on Log-Likelihood Ratio(LLR) using directed probabilistic graphical model. We perform experiments using acombination of feature learning network (FLN) and each inference module. We evaluateour system using XAI-AND dataset, containing 13700 handwritten samples and 15 cor-responding expert examined features for each sample. The dataset is released for publicuse and the methods can be extended to provide explanations on other verification taskslike face verification and bio-medical comparison. This dataset can serve as the basis and benchmark for future research in explanation based handwriting verification. The code is available on github.

DOI: DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.5244/C.33.332
Comments: Presented at BMVC 2019: Workshop on Interpretable and Explainable Machine Vision, Cardiff, UK.
Source: Paper (Local PDF): 1909.02548.pdf
Source: Paper (arXiv): arXiv:1909.02548v1