BMVC 2019 is organised by members of the Visual Computing research group (School of Computer Science and Informatics) and the Sensors, Signals and Imaging research group (School of Engineering), Cardiff University. The BMVC 2019 organisers may be contacted through: If you wish to contact the chairs (and only the […]


BMVC 2019 features 5 workshops, detailed below. Workshops will take place on the afternoon of Thursday 12th September 2019. For any general inquiries about workshops at BMVC 2019, please contact the workshop chairs using For inquiries about specific workshops, please use the contact details listed below. Applications of Egocentric […]


The British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC) is the British Machine Vision Association (BMVA) annual conference on machine vision, image processing, and pattern recognition. It is one of the major international conferences on computer vision and related areas held in the UK. With increasing popularity and quality, it has established itself […]